Your boutique asset manager with a worldwide focus on value investing in predominantly family owned companies.

Value Square is an independent asset management boutique which ambition is focused on the credits of value investing. We are proud to be an independent investor located in the vibrant historical city of Ghent, a town which has a long history of independent thinking and seizing the opportunities when they arise. We are a strong committed team and invest alongside you in real companies.

Our services

Value Square has been advising on and managing the assets of private individuals, families, companies and institutional investors. We provide management and advice in accordance with the timeless principles of Value Investing. We offer three different forms of management.


In-house funds based on the principles of Value Investing

The interests of our fund managers are aligned with those of the investors. After all, their personal investment portfolio consists of Value Square funds.

In-house funds

Value Investing means long-term success

We prefer family businesses

We prefer to invest in companies which are partly owned by a family or by directors who have a major portion of their net worth invested. This is a kind of guarantee that managers or reference shareholders who have their eggs in one basket that they are dedicating most of their time to manage the company for long term success. 

Long term vision

The share price of a company must offer a sufficiently large discount versus its intrinsic value. We exploit the fact that the stock market is inefficient in the short term, but that in the long term the share price will evolve to match its intrinsic value. We therefore often adopt a contrarian approach, preferring to buy in depressed markets and sell when stock markets are trading above their intrinsic value. 

The stock market as a market

We are convinced that the stock market is inefficient. Share prices in the short term are strongly influenced by emotions like fear and greed. We do not have a chrystal ball. We do not make predictions on the short term evolution of share prices. We use the stock market primarily as a marketplace to buy shares that are trading at a large discount on their fair value and we sell shares that have reached their target price. We won't adjust the intrinsic value of a company to the evolution of its share price unless there is a fundamental reason to do so. 

Investing should be like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement…go to Las Vegas.Paul Samuelson

Our mission: "Investing ourselves"


We firmly believe that the return our clients make is the foundation on which Value Square is built. That is why we invest a lot in financial analysis and research. Value Square boasts an experienced, complementary and flexible team with a proven track record. The fundamental Value approach offers the best risk-return ratio over the medium to long term.


All partners at Value Square cherish their financial and intellectual independence. We are only accountable to you, to ourselves and to the regulatory authorities. Our Asset Manager license allows us to put all our effort into the core tasks of portfolio management and investment advice. We entrust other tasks, such as custody and order execution, to partners of our choice, whom we select on the basis of their reliability, expertise and competitive cost structure. Unlike large financial groups that combine many disciplines under one roof, a focused asset manager is free of most conflicts of interests. In addition, short-term thinking under the pressure of quarterly reporting, which often leads to aggressive product selling, is unknown to us.


You will liaise directly with an asset manager. Through our Equity Reports, Interviews with company leaders and Company Visits you will learn a great deal about your investments.


For a genuine investor, the shortest path to the real economy is via shares and bonds. When you buy a share you become a co-owner of a company; when you subscribe to a bond issue you are lending a sum to a government or a company in exchange for interest. Fashionably packaged instruments like structured notes and hedge funds are expensive, complicate the view on the final investment and give too little return compared to their risks. 

Value Square is een CO2 neutraal bedrijf

CO2 neutrality certificate

Value Square is, as a company, aware of climate changes and CO2 emissions. We have entered into a partnership with CO2logic to objectify, reduce and compensate our CO2 emissions.

Value Square has achieved this CO2-NEUTRAL certificate with pride.

Click here for the certificate.

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Value Square offers discretionary management, advisory management, fund management and institutional management. Take a look at our services page.

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