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Class C (EUR)
15 January 2021

Value Square Fund Business Holdings DBI-RDT

The sub-fund invests principally in shares of listed holding companies, situated in the European Economic Area (EEA) and in member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). To a limited extent, investments can be made in listed holding companies of other countries.  The purpose of the fund is to strive for the highest possible return in absolute terms, rather than for improvement of the stock exchange indexes, and, at the same time, to limit risks. 

The returns on equities received by Value Square Fund Business Holdings DBI-RDT are distributed.

Volatility of the net asset value can be high, due to the composition of the portfolio. This means the price of a unit can change substantially over a short period of time in both ways. In other words volatility refers to the level of uncertainty about the changes in value of a unit. That is why an investment horizon of minimum 8 years is recommended, so you will hold a unit for at least 8 years in portfolio.

Objectives and investment policy

Shares are selected on the basis of a fundamental analysis and bottom-up approach in which the emphasis is placed on the principle of “value” investment.

Main risks of this sub-fund are market risk, return risk, currency risk, liquidity risk and the risk depending on external factors. Market risk is the risk of the entire market for a particular asset category falling; such a fall could affect the price and value of the assets in the portfolio. Return risk is the risk concerning returns. Currency risk is the risk of the values of an investment being affected by exchange rate fluctuations. The liquidity risk is the risk of a position not being able to be liquidated in time at a reasonable price. Regarding capital risk, the sub-fund does not offer a capital guarantee. The risk depending on external factors is the risk that the legislation on the system of Dividend Received Deduction changes.


This fund is a so-called "DBI-fund" (Dividend Received Deduction). This means that if the fund meets all tax conditions, the holder of a unit does not pay corporate tax on the dividends paid out. This exemption only applies to Belgian legal entities that invest in this fund. A natural person always pays 30% withholding tax on the dividends paid out. Consult your tax adviser for more information about your tax situation.

Key features and practical information

Sub-fund of Value Square Fund, Belgian sicav
Start dateJuly 31 2018
ISIN codeBE6304695834
MaturityNot specified
Investment horizonMinimum 8 years is recommended
Entry feeMaximum 3% benefit of the sicav
Exit feeNone
Performance feeNone
Ongoing charges1,40%
SubscriptionsDaily before 12 A.M.
Minimum subscription1 unit
NAV publicationDe Tijd, www.value-square.be
Stock exchange dutyNone
Initial subscription price25 EUR

"Fund" means an undertaking for collective investment in the form of a corporation (sicav) or a sub-fund of such an undertaking. 

Please address your complaint to info@valuesquare.be or +3292415757 or in second instance to the Consumer Mediation Department via plaintes@mediationconsommateur.be

Do not make an investment decision before reading the prospectus and KIID of the C class. Please find these documents on the page Legal Informations.

How to invest in this fund?

There are three ways to invest in this fund.

1) Value Square

You can contact us at the number 09/241 57 57 or email to info@value-square.be

2) A financial intermediary

In a bank agency you ask to invest in the subfund Value Square Fund Business Holdings DBI-RDT - C with ISIN code BE6304695834.

3) An online platform

The Value Square Fund is available at:

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