€ 217.08
Class C (EUR)
20 January 2021

Value Square Fund Equity World (Towards Sustainability-label)

The assets of this fund are mainly invested in shares of listed companies without geographical limitation, selected on the basis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, among others. The selection method for sustainable investments is based on the exclusion of companies that are deemed to cause harm and on a positive choice for companies that outperform their regional ESG peer group. The portfolio is independently assessed for sustainability by Ethibel (www.forumethibel.org). 

The sub-fund's entire sustainability policy is available at https://www.value-square.be/nl/equityworld/legal/. In circumstances where the manager assesses the downside risks to be higher than the potential return, the portion invested in equities may be reduced in favour of investing in cash and money market instruments. If the manager's assessment of market risk is high, the sub-fund may invest up to 50% in cash and/or money market instruments. The sub-fund will always be at least 50% invested in equities. 

The fund's objective is to seek the highest possible yield in absolute terms, rather than improving stock market indices, and at the same time to reduce risk through active portfolio management.

The selection of shares is based on fundamental analysis and a bottom-up approach emphasizing the principle of Value Investing, selected on the basis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. 

This is a fund with capitalisation shares. 

The sub-fund's portfolio is actively managed by the portfolio manager. 

The fund's reference index is the MSCI All Countries World Index (ACWI) Value Net Total Return EUR. This index serves solely as an instrument for the investor to compare the fund's performance with that of the index and thus assess the fund's performance in an informed manner. Neither the method of management nor the calculation of the performance fee are adapted to this index. 

Other information

Subject to the applicable legal rules, the sub-fund may also use listed derivatives, such as options and futures, either for investment purposes or to cover various risks (market, foreign exchange, etc.). Investors should be aware that this type of derivative product is more volatile than the underlying instruments. 

An investment horizon of at least 8 years is recommended.

Objectives and investment policy

We are bottom up-investors using a distinct value approach. Positions are driven by our intrinsic value estimate, timing of events and the impact on diversification on a portfolio level.

The Value Square Fund Equity World sub-fund invests exclusively in equities, with managers able to put up to 50% in cash if they assess market risk to be high.

Main risks of this sub-fund are market risk, return risk, currency risk and liquidity risk. Market risk is the risk of the entire market for a particular asset category falling; such a fall could affect the price and value of the assets in the portfolio. Return risk is the risk concerning returns. Currency risk is the risk of the values of an investment being affected by exchange rate fluctuations. Finally liquidity risk is the risk of a position not being able to be liquidated in time at a reasonable price. Regarding capital risk, the sub-fund does not offer a capital guarantee.

Key features

Sub-fund ofValue Square Fund, sicav under Belgian law
Start date1/10/2008
ISIN codeBE0948331591
MaturityNot specified
Investment horizonMinimum 8 years
Entry feeMaximum 3%
Exit feeNone
Performance fee10% on the excess return 6% per year, with high water-mark
Ongoing charges1,23%
SubscriptionsDaily before 12 A.M.
Minimum subscription1 unit
NAV publicationDe Tijd, www.value-square.be
Stock exchange duty0% on entry, 1,32% on exit (max. € 4000)
Towards Sustainability-labelhttps://www.towardssustainability.be/en/value-square-fund-equity-world

Please address your complaint to info@valuesquare.be or +3292415757 or in second instance to the Consumer Mediation Department via plaintes@mediationconsommateur.be.

Do not make an investment decision before reading the prospectus and KIID of the C class.
Please find these documents on the page Legal informations.

How to invest in this fund?

There are three ways to invest in this fund:

1) Value Square

You can contact us at the number 09/241 57 57 or email to info@value-square.be.

2) A financial intermediary

In a bank agency you ask to invest in the subfund Value Square Fund Equity World - C with ISIN code BE0948331591.

3) An online platform

The Value Square Fund is available at Binckbank (call orderdesk: 03 303 31 11), Bolero (call orderdesk: 0800 628 16) and MeDirect.

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