Net asset value Class C
€ 103.22€ 136.15€ 124.22€ 142.54€ 147.78€ 148.51€ 150.10€ 180.77€ 199.93€ 177.10
Start date Class C: 01/10/2008, Start value: € 100.00
Return per 31/08/2020
currency1_year3_year5_year10_yearSince startYTD
Class CEUR-6,94%-3,51%4,49%3,64%4,99%-13,27%
Start date Class C: 01/10/2008, Start value: € 100.00

The evolution of the NAV and the yield figures have been calculated on a historical basis and are not a reliable indication for the future. They also do not take into account entry and exit costs and taxes. The figures are calculated by Value Square NV. In the case of a distribution class, the returns take account of the reinvestment of gross dividends distributed by the sub-fund. The sub-fund did not use a benchmark during the period 2008-2012. For the period 2013-2019, the MSCI World EUR was used and, from 2020, the MSCI All Countries World Index Value Net Total Return EUR. For this reason, it is not possible to show an actuarial benchmark return over the period.

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