Seminarie | Help! Cash in mijn vennootschap 2020

You probably recognize it: after years of hard work you have built up a nice pension capital in your company. And what now with those cash surpluses? Soon your bank may be charging negative interest on your hard-earned savings. Many traditional solutions such as real estate, bonds, mixed funds and all kinds of insurance have become fiscally unattractive.

Moreover, after the 2017 summer agreement, all income from investments by your company will be taxable, at 20 or 25% corporate tax.

Does it make sense to invest in the company? If so, what is best to invest in for the long term? Are there tax-friendly alternatives?

You'll find out all about it in the webinar that Value Square is organising on Wednesday 13 January 2021 at 5.30 pm and to which we would like to invite you. 

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