Value Square Fund Global Bonds

The objective of this sub-fund is to provide shareholders with exposure to the bond markets through active portfolio management. The selection of bonds is based on a fundamental analysis of the issuer combined with macroeconomic insights. 

The sub-fund's portfolio consists mainly of bonds and other debt instruments or equivalent securities denominated in euro. Emphasis is placed on instruments rated investment grade or equivalent. 

This class is a distribution class. The net performance of the sub-fund's distribution class is distributable.

The sub-fund's portfolio is actively managed by the portfolio manager. Neither the method of management nor the calculation of the performance fee are geared to an index. 

Any request for subscription/redemption of units may be submitted to your distributor before 12 noon on any working day. 

Other information 

Subject to the applicable legal rules, the sub-fund may also use listed derivatives, such as options and futures, either for investment purposes or to cover various risks (market, foreign exchange, etc.). Investors should be aware that this type of derivative product is more volatile than the underlying instruments. 

An investment horizon of at least 3 years is recommended. 


As with any investment, there are risks involved in investing in this sub-fund:

  • Market risk: the sub-fund invests primarily in bonds whose prices may fall (considerably) as a result of worsening macroeconomic conditions, specific company operating conditions or general market psychology..
  • Credit risk: the sub-fund may invest in both bonds of acknowledged good quality and high-yield bonds with a high credit risk, and is thereby exposed to some extent to the risk that may arise if the issuer of the bond fails to meet its payment obligations..
  • Liquidity risk: the risk that a position cannot be liquidated in time at a reasonable price.
  • Currency risk: the sub-fund invests globally, meaning that part of the portfolio is susceptible to exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Return risk: the sub-fund is actively managed and not linked to an index. This means that the sub-fund’s returns can deviate greatly from general market returns. 
  • Inflation risk: the sub-fund offers no protection against a rise in inflation. 
  • The investor is reminded that the capital does not enjoy any guarantee or protection mechanism.

Key features

Sub-fund ofValue Square Fund, sicav under Belgian law
Start date01/07/2019
MaturityNot specified
Investment horizonMinimum 3 years is recommended
SubscriptionsDaily before 12 A.M.
Minimum subscription1 unit
NAV publicationBEAMA
Ongoing charges0.99%
Entry feeMaximum 3%, for your distributor
Exit feeNone
Performance feeNone
Stock exchange dutyNone
Withholding tax30% on dividends


Please address your complaint to or +3292415757 or in second instance to the Consumer Mediation Department via

Do not make an investment decision before reading the prospectus and KIID of the C class.
Please find these documents on the page Legal informations.

How to invest in this fund?

There are three ways to invest in this fund:

1) Value Square

You can contact us at the number 09/241 57 57 or email to

2) A financial intermediary

In a bank agency you ask to invest in the subfund Value Square Fund Global Bonds.

3) An online platform

The Value Square Fund is available at Binckbank (call orderdesk: 03 303 31 11), Bolero (call orderdesk: 0800 628 16) and MeDirect.

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