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Optimal selection of order executions

As a company that provides asset management and investment advice, Value Square works closely with a number of financial institutions that receive the orders from Value Square and execute them on behalf of the client. So for orders in financial instruments, Value Square's role is that of an order giver, while the order executor is responsible for execution. 

Under the MiFID II regulations, Value Square pursues a policy that aims to give an order the best chance of being executed, taking into account price, costs, speed and likelihood of execution, the size of the order and the type of order.

 Therefore, in accordance with its selection policy, Value Square has carefully selected its Custodians/Order Executors based on the following criteria:

  • The effectiveness of the order execution policy (best execution) applied by the Custodian/Order Executor; 
  • The reputation and quality of the services of the Custodian/Order executor;  
  • The country or countries in which the Custodian/order-executor operates; 
  • the total costs borne by the client;  
  • the quality of the processing and follow-up of orders. 

Value Square ensures that the order execution policy of the Custodian/Order Executor gives priority to the price and cost criteria. In practice, Value Square gives priority to the sending of orders to the Custodian/Order Executor with whom the client has concluded an agreement to open an Account.

Value Square regularly checks whether the order execution policy of the custodian still offers the necessary guarantees for optimal execution. Every year, Value Square publishes on its website an overview of the top five investment firms for each category of financial instruments in terms of trading volumes to which it has transmitted client orders during the previous year. 

In the event that a client has given a specific instruction and the order must be executed in accordance with this specific instruction, the principles of best execution cannot be applied 


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General Terms and Conditions

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