Your boutique asset manager with a worldwide focus on value investing in predominantly family owned companies.

Value Square is an independent asset management boutique which ambition is focused on the credits of value investing. We are proud to be an independent investor located in the vibrant historical city of Ghent, a town which has a long history of independent thinking and seizing the opportunities when they arise. We are a strong committed team and invest alongside you in real companies.

CO2 neutrality certificate

Value Square is, as a company, aware of climate changes and CO2 emissions. We have entered into a partnership with CO2logic to objectify, reduce and compensate our CO2 emissions.

Value Square has achieved this CO2-NEUTRAL certificate with pride.

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Learn more about Value Square and the climate

Press release: collaboration Belfius and Value Square

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[{"image":"media\/bg\/1465-image-rice-fieldstransp.-logo.png","quote":"Investing ourselves in return","quote_author_location":"","quote_style":"light"},{"image":"media\/bg\/1464-image-industrietransp.-logo.png","quote":"Being a square keeps you from going around in circles","quote_author":"J. Vernon McGee","quote_author_location":"","quote_style":"light"},{"image":"media\/bg\/1467-image-watchestransp.-logo.png","quote":"We invest primarily in family owned companies","quote_author_location":"","quote_style":"light"},{"image":"media\/bg\/1462-image-treestransp.-logo.png","quote":"We seek long term capital gains through the proven merits of Value Investing","quote_author_location":"","quote_style":"light"},{"image":"media\/bg\/1466-image-waterfalltransp.-logo.png","quote":"We are a strongly committed team with aligned interest with our clients.","quote_author_location":"","quote_style":"light"},{"image":"media\/bg\/1463-image-lingerietransp.-logo.png","quote":"Investing should be like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement\u2026go to Las Vegas.","quote_author":"Paul Samuelson","quote_author_location":"","quote_style":"light"}]