Falling Bond Yields Make Equities Hard to Ignore
Falling Bond Yields Make Equities Hard to IgnoreOnze selectie nieuws |Geplaatst op 26 augustus 2019 door Petrick StepNearly 60% of S&P 500 stocks offer dividend yield of at least 1.7%, beating 10-year U.S. Treasurys

A plunge in bond yields has left investors with few alternatives to stocks. The latest flare-up in trade tensions has quickened investors’ flight to haven assets, pushing bond yields down to their lowest levels in years
Value Investing During Seasons of Growth
Value Investing During Seasons of GrowthOnze selectie nieuws |Geplaatst op 5 augustus 2019 door Jeroen BerghmansA stock’s valuation is measured on a continuum from "Value" to "Growth." In broad strokes, Value stocks are cheap and Growth stocks are expensive. Generally speaking, Value stocks outperform Growth stocks. Investing based upon this finding is called "Value Investing." Value Investing has boasted superior returns for at least half a century.
UN PRI Assessment report 2019
UN PRI Assessment report 2019Value Square |Geplaatst op 19 juli 2019 door Vivek DhawanIn 2017, Value Square signed up to United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing as part of our commitment to responsible investing. We are delighted to share our Assessment Report from UNPRI for 2019 where we have scored A+ and A bands for all modules.
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