Our new funds page is live
Our new funds page is liveValue Square |Posted 27 January 2021 by Koen Van de VyverIn order to better inform you as a visitor, we have just updated our website. You now have a complete overview of the different classes that we offer you as a private or professional investor. We also provide more information per class so that you can get to know our house funds even better.
Investor Outlook 2021
Investor Outlook 2021Events |Posted 18 January 2021 by Pascal CornelisThe year 2020 was mainly dominated by the global fight against the COVID19 virus. High time to turn this page and take a critical look at the economic and financial outlook of 2021.
Help! Cash in my company!
Help! Cash in my company!Events |Posted 13 January 2021 by Petrick StepYou probably recognize it: after years of hard work you have built up a nice pension capital in your company. And what now with those cash surpluses? Soon your bank may be charging negative interest on your hard-earned savings.
Our best wishes for the new year!
Our best wishes for the new year!Value Square |Posted 28 December 2020 by Pascal CornelisThe number 2020 is the sum of the squares of the four consecutive prime numbers 17, 19, 23, 29 ( 17² + 19² + 23² + 29² = 2020). As much fun as this is, the year 2020 was dominated by the global fight against the COVID19 virus.

Value Square wishes you and your family a happy ending year and a healthy start to 2021!

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