Our best wishes for the new year!
Our best wishes for the new year!Value Square |Posted 28 December 2020 by Pascal CornelisThe number 2020 is the sum of the squares of the four consecutive prime numbers 17, 19, 23, 29 ( 17² + 19² + 23² + 29² = 2020). As much fun as this is, the year 2020 was dominated by the global fight against the COVID19 virus.

Value Square wishes you and your family a happy ending year and a healthy start to 2021!
Value Creation Awards 2020: #2 Melexis
Value Creation Awards 2020: #2 MelexisValue Creation Awards |Posted 10 July 2020 by Patrick MillecamMelexis wins the Silver Value Creation Award, with an annual increase in fundamental value of 27.74%. The stock market return (share price increase + dividends collected) over the past 10 years was 1025%, resulting in an average stock market return of 27.4%. Congratulations to CEO Françoise Chombar, CFO Karen Van Griensven, ...
Value Creation Awards 2020: #3 VGP
Value Creation Awards 2020: #3 VGPValue Creation Awards |Posted 3 July 2020 by Koen Hoffman Van Geet Parks, or VGP for short, was in fourth place last year and is now on the podium in third place (bronze) with an annual fundamental value creation of 18.92%. At 19.43% a year, VGP's stock market return is close to the fundamental evolution.

Congratulations to Jan Van Geet (CEO), Dirk Stoop (CFO), chairman Bart Van Mal.

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