Our Mission: "Investing ourselves"


We firmly believe that the return our clients make is the foundation on which Value Square is built. That is why we invest a lot in financial analysis and research. Value Square boasts an experienced, complementary and flexible team with a proven track record. The fundamental Value approach offers the best risk-return ratio over the medium to long term.


All partners at Value Square cherish their financial and intellectual independence. We are only accountable to you, to ourselves and to the regulatory authorities. Our Asset Manager license allows us to put all our effort into the core tasks of portfolio management and investment advice. We entrust other tasks, such as custody and order execution, to partners of our choice, whom we select on the basis of their reliability, expertise and competitive cost structure. Unlike large financial groups that combine many disciplines under one roof, a focused asset manager is free of most conflicts of interests. In addition, short-term thinking under the pressure of quarterly reporting, which often leads to aggressive product selling, is unknown to us.


You will liaise directly with an asset manager. Through interviews with company leaders and Company Visits you will learn a great deal about your investments.


For a genuine investor, the shortest path to the real economy is via shares and bonds. When you buy a share you become a co-owner of a company; when you subscribe to a bond issue you are lending a sum to a government or a company in exchange for interest. Fashionably packaged instruments like structured notes and hedge funds are expensive, complicate the view on the final investment and give too little return compared to their risks. 

In-house funds based on the principles of Value Investing

The interests of our fund managers are aligned with those of the investors. After all, their personal investment portfolio consists of Value Square funds.
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