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Value Square has been advising on and managing the assets of private individuals, families, companies and institutional investors. We provide management and advice in accordance with the timeless principles of Value Investing. We offer three different forms of management. We are Value investors focusing primarily on family businesses. We seek out the best investment ideas and do not care much for a reference index. Our Asset Managers analyse equities by calculating their intrinsic value in a conservative manner. We will only buy cheap companies, which quote at a large discount and thus offer a significant upward potential.

Discretionary management

You give the specialists at Value Square a mandate to make investment decisions on your behalf with regard to the composition and management of your assets. Entrusting us with your assets gives you the comfort of knowing that your portfolio is being managed by our asset managers so you do not have to pay close attention to it yourself. It goes without saying that your portfolio is managed with respect for your risk profile as set out in the management agreement.

Advisory management

You give the specialists at Value Square a mandate to monitor your assets but no action is taken without your consent. You benefit from the knowledge and advice of our investment specialists. Our advisers also act as a sounding board, providing constructive interaction.

Institutional management

Value Square manages tailored portfolios for institutional investors. Institutional mandates can be specified on several levels: geography, sectors, market capitalization. 

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In-house funds based on the principles of Value Investing

The interests of our fund managers are aligned with those of the investors. After all, their personal investment portfolio consists of Value Square funds.

In-house funds
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