Our services

Value Square has been managing the assets of private individuals, families, companies and institutional investors. We provide management in accordance with the timeless principles of Value Investing. We offer three different forms of management. We are Value investors focusing primarily on family businesses. We seek out the best investment ideas and do not care much for a reference index. Our Asset Managers analyse equities by calculating their intrinsic value in a conservative manner. We will only buy cheap companies, which quote at a large discount and thus offer a significant upward potential.

Discretionary management

If you opt for discretionary portfolio management, you give Value Square a mandate to manage your assets according to its own insights. Of course, it is possible to make agreements in advance that will be taken into account during the management of your investment portfolio. This means that Value Square will make its own purchasing and sales decisions relating to your investment portfolio in accordance with your investment profile.

Naturally, Value Square will be available to you if you have any questions or comments

Guided by Principles


The return is the most important foundation on which Value Square is built and is the only truly measurable criterion for gauging the value we bring as an asset manager.


Value Square invests according to the principles of Value Investing. Investing in good-quality companies that are undervalued provides peace of mind and inspires confidence, especially during market slumps.


Investing is mainly about applying the principles of an intellectual framework systematically, with discipline and without any regard for emotions such as fear and greed. It is also right to profit from inefficiencies in the markets as a contrarian investor.


Our universe is the world. Every company in which Value Square invests is monitored closely. We maintain direct contact with the management of these companies and keep our finger on the pulse at all times.


We are investors and regard ourselves as co-owners of our companies. We invest in businesses we understand and do not engage in speculation. We invest particularly heavily in research and analysis. Our team is an experienced, complementary and flexible one with a proven track record.


Value Square guarantees a genuine relationship built on trust and clarifies every investment decision made. You will liaise directly with an investor, not with a private banker or distributor of financial products. Every investment has a well-founded reason behind it. Understanding what you are investing in will give you peace of mind. We regularly organise company visits and, in so doing, give our investors a look behind the scenes as well. We provide weekly insights in a transparent newsletter using language that is easy to understand, and our website contains explanatory analyses and interviews with company managers. A world of difference in the level of knowledge and information.


For a genuine investor, the shortest path to the real economy is via shares and bonds. We do not engage in product selling or open-architecture investment. We do not use leverage, have no involvement in market timing and do not invest in fashionably packaged instruments like structured products and hedge funds.

Long term

We invest in undervalued companies for the long term and let time do its job. When the intrinsic value that we have estimated conservatively is reached, the added value is converted into cash. Consequently, we do not operate a traditional buy & hold strategy like many traditional investors do. This fundamental value approach offers the best risk-return ratio over the long term.

In-house funds based on the principles of Value Investing

The interests of our fund managers are aligned with those of the investors. After all, their personal investment portfolio consists of Value Square funds.
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