Sustainability Information

In order to comply with legislation and to provide information to investors so that informed investment decisions can be made, Value Square NV, as portfolio manager of Value Square Fund, is obliged to disclose information on how it deals with sustainability. 

A sustainable investment is defined as an investment in an economic activity that contributes to the achievement of an environmental or social objective, as measured by indicators listed in EU legislation.

Value Square NV does not promote Value Square Fund as an investment product with environmental or social characteristics. It is important to note that Value Square Fund does not take into account the EU criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities. The reason for this is that Value Square NV cannot meet the EU standard that allows one to speak of sustainable investment. 

Sustainability Information
Windmills on a mountain
 United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment

Value Square NV is an UNPRI signatory

In 2017, Value Square signed up to United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment as part of our commitment to responsible investing. 


Value Square NV is CO2 neutral

In the context of climate change Value Square NV on the one hand entered into a partnership with CO2logic, in order to objectify, reduce and compensate our CO2 emissions. 

On the other hand, we moved to ABSoluut Plaza, a new complex built with sustainable building materials and techniques. Value Square NV is, as a company, aware of climate changes and CO2 emissions. 

With these two initiatives we want to take responsibility and contribute to a more sustainable earth.

CO2 neutral
CO2 Neutral certificate

In-house funds based on the principles of Value Investing

The interests of our fund managers are aligned with those of the investors. After all, their personal investment portfolio consists of Value Square funds.